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Throughout its history, the Institute of Women has strived to create and spread information on health, education, employment and the many forms of discrimination that still exist against women.

The Institute's Publishing Programme has produced a number of series and collections, which have included guides, pamphlets, catalogues and other work which seeks to support and inform of the organisation's campaigns.

One of the Institute's objectives is to provide institutions, associations, libraries and documentation centres, as well as professionals and other individuals interested, with various types of materials that publicise the social situation of women. In order to achieve this goal, nearly 200,000 copies of material, either published or acquired by the Institute, are distributed annually.

The Institute of Women distributes the most of its catalogue of publications free of charge: guides, pamphlets and some of their collections. Furthermore, in order to contribute to the creation of a women's bibliographical archive for public libraries, for documentation centres in Spain's regions and for NGOs, the Institute donates many of its publications, the majority of which can be freely accessed online. If you wish to access these publications you may do so via our online database:

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